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His mom folded his arms leaning agaisnt the wall of the open garage.
"Does he even know how to drive..."
Silver was sitting in the car,kind of uncomfortably in his outfit, with one of
his arms resting on the ledge while he gazed out the window.
He sighed and set his head down on his arm. He pressed the button where the window
came down and the wind gently blew in through his hair, around and out again.
It felt comforting.
"You alright?"seth asked placing his hand on his shoulder.
"I...just...lost everything..."
"I know what you mean little buddy,"he sighed slumping down in his seat.
"Yeah i heard."
"Her name was Carmin. Had the face of an angel..."
Silver looked over at seth, with his head still resting on his arm.
"What was the argument about, or is that too personal?"
"Its fine really. We were arguing about the future."
Silver sat up a little.
"The future?" he repeated.
"What about the future?"
"She was thinking of having a kid in a few years time."
This time silver sat up completely.
"How many years?"
"She said something round 3 i dunno."
"Wo, but your only gonna be 19 then!"
"Keep it down will you?"
"Sorry,"silver said, even though it was only them in here.
About 10 minutes after the car had left silver wanted to be alone so they asked
them to pull over till so he could go into the caravan. But when he came in seth
was sitting over at the small table.
"Haven't used this caravan in a while huh?" silver finally spoke.
"Yeah..i was planning to go to Pandora lake with carmin in the summer."
"Its fine,"he breathed.
Shadow breaked as a red light appeared and came to a stop at the white line.
He tapped the wheel casually staring ahead. He looked to his left where a cop
car sat there, awaiting the green light just as he was.
He kept his head down and kept jooking at the stop lights every 2 seconds.
Come on green green green!
The cop looked round for anything when he suspiciously stared into shadows car.
"Whats up with him?" the cop muttered.
The green light finally came on and shadow lifted his head.
"Ah, it's a kid!"he shouted.
Shadow looked over at the cop and the cop looked over at him.
"Hold it!"he shouted.
"And thats my cue,"he said speeding on.
He could suddednly hear the siren going off and the blue and red lights flickering.
"This is just great."
The cop car drove level with shadows and he leaned out the window a little.
Shadow ignored him and drove on.
"UP YOURS!"shadow shouted back at him flooring it speeding up the road.
He looked behind him and the cop car was a mere speck in the distance. Shadow
gave a short laugh and continued on.
Fernando was sitting on the window ledge of his window in his bedroom holding
a cup of hot chocolate.
Rodney was sitting across from him typing away on his very own laptop.
"So anything interesting happen around the area today?" rodney asked.
Shadow in the red ferrai zoomed down the road causing a huge screech, followed
by a screaming siren cop car, and the sound dissapeared as quickly as it came.
"Nope,"fernando said drinking some more hot chocolate.
Shadow reached into his pocket and pulled out his mobile and put it in his mouth
while he changed gear. He spat it out and wiped it on his jumper.
He looked up fernandos number and called him.
"Whoa!"fernando shrieked nearly dropping his drink.
"What?" Rodney asked confused.
"Heh, sorry just my phone,"he said taking it out.
"God why did you have to put it on that killer vibration?"
"Because some of us like it,"he said clicking answer. "Yello?"
"Fernando its me!"shadow said.
"Oh hey, reason for calling?"
"I need to know the best route to Maple grounds."
"What were are you? Aw that sounds it sounds so fast and amazing!"
"I'm in my dads old car, now hurry up."
"Your dads old car? What the heck is it?"
"A ferrai now hurry up hes tailing on me!"
"What who?"
"The cops!"
"What did you do?"
"Fernando i swear--
"Alright alright keep your quills on,"he said signalling rodney to hand over the
He took hold of it and set it on his lap trying his best to balance it while he
held the phone between his neck and face while he took a sip of hot chocolate.
"So maple grounds best route, and you want a tricky on so you'll loose the cops?"
Fernando typed surprisingly fast with one hand and looked it up.
"Ok you might want to take route 48, it takes you through a foresty area but im sure
there will be no wolves to eat any little girls named shadow."
"Your lucky we're on the phone..."he said solemnly.
"Route 48, see ya!" fernando said hanging up.
Shadow put his phone back in his pocket and put his hand back on the wheel. He looked
in the rear view mirrior to witness the fact the car was still chasing em.
Seth was fiddling with his deck of yu-gi-oh cards when he set them down looking
over at silver.
"Hey silver wana play?" he asked holding up his cards.
"No thanks, i know jack sqat about it."
"I could teach you."
"Nah id get lost in it all."
"I was like that now im just plain lost in it because ive gotten so addicted."
"Yeah you sure have the biggest collection ive ever seen, i mean you have an entire
closet for them."
"Yes sir-ree,"he said proudly.
Silver got up and walked over to the table and sat opposite seth.
"But you havent played them in a long while."
"I know."
"And you ever do when your trying to avoid something."
"That's not true,"seth protested.
Silver gave him a oh-really stare, which broke through seth.
"Alright, im just trying to get carmin outta my head alright."
"I gathered."
There was silence for a while other than the flicking sound of seth going through
his cards.
"So,"seth began.
"Whats got you so bummed out?"
"Dude just look at me,"silver said pointing to himself.
Seth tried not to laugh but held it in.
"I must say you make an excellent female, you could pass for one."
"Don't make me hit you."
"Oooo im so scared."
Silver swiped his hand over seths cards and they lit up in a blue light and he snapped
his fingers and the cards flew over silvers head and stabbed into the wall behind
him like blades.
Seth stared at him in awe.
"Ive bin practising,"he smirked.
"Holy crap.."
Shadow lit up at the sight of the route 48 sign. He was waiting for the last moment, for
him to skid round and speed down the road, which the cop will hopefull drive off at.
Just a little bit closer.......NOW!
He hit the breaks and skid and the car zoomed down into the lane and the cop who
was completely clueless drove on, but came to a quick hault. He got out of his
car and shieled his eyes from the sun with his cap.
"Dam joyriders."
Shadow was smiling that he was now clear of the cop. About time he lost that loser.
Like what did the cops ever do for society nowadays other than pester people.
Just like fernando had described the road turned into a dry dirt path coming into
a foresty area. Another road was visible to his left through the trees where he could
see a couple of cars driving by.
He was calmly driving down the road when suddednly he though he reconised something.
He squinted over at the road just a little far off, and it was a familar car with
a caravan connected to the back.
Seth pulled back the curtains at the sound of beautiful purring engine. He looked
about when he suddednly made out the sight of a red ferrai on route 48.
"Hey silver come look at this sweet car!"
Silver took hold of the curtains from seth and peered out and he was right that was
one sweet looking car.
Shadow sat bolt upright in his seat when he saw silver looking out the window in
his direction. He relised silver wouldnt be able to make out him with these black
tinted windows.
He hit the button and the window came down. He looked out at the road, just to make
sure he wasn't gonna hit into anything.
Silver's ears perked up instantly and he smiled.
"My you certainly are happy all of a sudden,"seth pointed out.
"Shadow!"he called out waving.
Shadow looked over and gave a two fingered salute from the forhead to him which looked pretty cool.
He put both hands back on the wheel and sped up, totaly breaking the limit.
Silver watched as the car drove off up the lane at impressive speed.
"Shadow? Ain't he the dark bloke that came over to our house?"
Silver looked at seth.
"And your calling him the dark one."
Shadow was coming close to the exit once out he would drive in front of the car to make
them stop.
"I'm coming silver i won't let you go that easy."
Part 38!
Seriously i saw a red ferrai 360 and it kicks ass and it kicks ass to write about it XD
Can u believe shadows dad has had this locked up all this time!?

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go shadow!!!!!
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