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Shadow got up and strictly turned towards Fernando.
"What the hell did you think you were doing!" he yelled.
"If I can't have him, nither can you," he said surprisingly calmly.
"Listen moron, i don't have time for this I have someone to save."
With that shadow bolted off down the road with impressive speed.
Fernando just smiled and walked on with his arms folded.
Silver was slumped down in his seat, looking depressed. He took his seatbealt
off and lay down across the seats and sighed.
"Somthing the matter?" asked his father.
"No...just...tired.."he lied.
He never relised how hard it would be to be taken away from Shadow forever.
The one thing that ate away at him the most was  the fact he didn't even get to say goodbye.
Shadow had turned round the corner and once at the top, the road split into many,
and stretched on far and wide, it would be hard to miss any cars that were far
away....but none of them were the car silver had been taken away in.
He didn't even know where they were heading..he didn't know where they lived..
he'd never see silver again....
Shadow felt something warm on his face. He looked to his left at a shop window,
where his reflection shown he had tears running down. He looked back
out at the roads....maybe he could ask around if they say the car....
Silver lay there motionless just staring at the roof of the car. He felt like
letting it all out...he felt like crying....but he couldn't around them. Not now.
The car made a sharp turn, nearly making silver hit his head off the door.
"Watch where you're going," scolded his mother.
"Well he didn't have his indictor on now did he?"
Silver just looked away. His so called parents seemed to be the argument type then.
Things never change.
Shadow leant against the wall in one of the nearby alley ways, and slid down sitting
on the ground with his arms crossed on his kness and head down, crying.
He his in the alley in case anyone saw him.
He had just checked with 32 people and no one reconised the car in his description.
He had lost silver.
It was his fault.
He wasn't quick enough.
He thought of every excuse to blame himself because he though he deserved it.
Shadow suddednly lifted his head up quickly. He got up and started running
back to school.
His journal, he had written his address of his house on the inside of the cover.
Maybe they were going back there. They just had to.
Dodging people and skimming past cars, he had to move quickly.
Eventually he got there, headed straight for the dorm and grabbed silvers journal.
He flicked it open and looked at the adress written inside.
"42 elm street drive."
He bolted back out of the room and back outside.
"I'm coming silver...i'm coming.."
"Turn will you!" she shouted.
"Will you just wait!"
Silver covered his ears, they were shouting unbelivably loud. But out of no where
the shouting stopped and there was silence.
Silver sat up and looked at both of them, they were just looking out the windscreen with
tromatized looks. He looked out, and a car slid into a huge tank truck, followed
by another car. A bus hit into them both, toppling the truck onto its side.
Cars from behind, floored on the brakes but weren't in time and slammed into
the truck. Cars were driving away in both directions in the wrong lanes so they
couldn't get out, they were heading towards the truck which was heading towards
They were gonna crash....
Shadow was still running. He had been running for so long now. He looked at his watch,
20 past 3. So much for exams then.
He looked around and noticed people were running away from the direction he was
going in. He raced up to the top, and there he looked out upon the road, that
was a destruction mess.
He almost dropped the journal when he spotted the car...the car silver was in!
It was trapped in a comotion of cars and was heading towards the truck.
"Silver!" he yelled.
He raced down the road at full blast speed.
"WATCH!" Silver yelled, leaning over his dads chair, taking hold of the wheel and
forcefully turned the car, skidding it just about past the oncoming car at frightening speed.
He let out a sigh of relief, and his parents looked at him with surprise.
Silver opened his eyes again, and his ears dropped. A grocery truck had into the
oncoming truck and now two trucks were coming towards them.
Shadow was slipping in out of the abanded cars, and swiftly passed the ones
who were still speeding past him.
"This is one messed up scene here"he said to himself, sliding over the hood of a car onto the next lane.
He looked up and now there was two trucks coming towards the car.
"Are you fricken kidding me!"
He was running so fast now he could barley feel his shoes hitting the ground.
He reached up to the car at last. He made his way round to the side and was looking
in at a short distance. He could see silver leaning over his dads seat using the
wheel to skillfully skid past cars.
And also his parents screaming at one another. Silver was practically the only
one doing anything to save them.
He moved in towards the car, the trucks and other crashed cars dangerously close
now. He reached over to the car door while trying to keep up the pace.
He clung onto the handle and wipped open the door.
Silver looked over at the door surprised.
"Shadow!" he shouted.
Silver sat back in his seat, and shadow let go of the handle.
"Silver open the other door!" he instructed.
"What for!" he yelled.
"Just do it!"
Silver did what he was told and opened the car door, it flung itself open, with barely any of silvers help. Wind was wipping in and out of the car with great speed.
"On the the count of three you two jump out of the car!" he shouted to the parents.
"WHAT!" they both scremed.
"DO IT!" he yelled back.
They opened their doors on the ready.
Shado jumped into the car, grabbing silver on his way, and flying out the other side, sliding under
a bus and into the closed off lane.
His parents jumped out in time and the car crashed into the trucks causing a huge explotion.
Shadow shielded silver from the flames and parts that flew over.
Silver looked up at him with grateful eyes.
"You came back for me..."he whimpered.
"Of course i did," he said hugging him. "Don't ever scare me like that again..."
"I won't.."
And with that shadow fell back onto the tarmac, breathing out the biggest sigh of relief. He was redicoulsy exhausted.
"Oh get up," silver giggled.
"You try running a few miles and jumping through a car."
"Point taken."
They both looked at one another and laughed.
OK i decided to be nice and not put in one of my cliffhangers ha ha, but instead i put in a serious action chapter that involves shadow not only going to save silver from leaving but to save his life!

Hey this is my 200th deviation yayz!!! XD

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