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Shadow was walking down the hall when he noticed Silver's dorm was open. He
stood there just outside the doorway. No one was inside. Empty. As he stood there
the thing Fernando had said to shadow wouldn't leave his mind..
"If you don't make a move...i will.."
He shook his head and walked on. But he suddednly skidded to a hault and took a
fews steps back and looked back inside. There on the floor lay...silvers
"I can't..." he whispered. He tried to walk away but his body wouldn't move.
All of a sudden he could hear footsteps coming down the corridor. He looked at
the book then at the end of the hall. What to do! he screamed inside his head.
The steps were getting closer, he just ran in grabbed it and sprinted back out.
Silver turned round the corner and as he was coming down the hall he noticed
the door was open. Rodney...
He stepped inside and shut the door behind him and flopped down onto his bed
staring up at the cieling.
"Wonder what shadow is up to..."
Shadow shut the door behind him and caught his breath. He set the book down on
his desk and sat on the floor were he was. He couldn't belive he had just done
that again! Was he ever going to learn?

He peered over at the journal. It was cleverely moking him in his mind, chanting
read me read me.
"Shut up!" shadow yelled covering his ears.

Fernando came into the dorm looking puzzled.
"Shadow I thought I heard you yell? Everything A.O.K?" he spoke.
"H-huh?" shadow studdered looking up.
He didn't expect him to come in.
"I thought you'd be all over Silver by now.."
"Well that's the thing, i was thinking."
Shadow gasped.
"What?" fernando said.
"You were...thinking! Omg its a miracle.. i didn't know you still had a brain!"
"Uh huh shutup, you wana hear what i got to say or not?"
"Go ahead."
"Ok I was thinking, maybe each of us me you and rodney can do one thing for silver
and who's evers stands out the best wins silver."
"Seems fair, you told Rodney?"
"Where do you think i was? Ballet?"
"Yeah," shadow said saracasticly.
Fernando rolled his eyes and went to the door and turned round.
"May the best man win," he said smirking as he walked out.
"And so he shall.." shadow muttered.
Silver sat up, at the sound of a knock at the door.
"Rodney if you locked yourself out i told you how to break in."
But there was no answer.
Still no answer.
He got up and looked through the eye piece and no one was there.
He opened the door, again no one, but something below him caught his eye. He
looked down and there sat a parcel wrapped perfectly in red silk ribbon. He bent
down and took hold of the tag and it read: "From Fernando."
"Fernando huh?"
He picked up the parcel and brought it in and closed to door.
Shadow was pacing up and down his room with his arms behind his back, trying to
think of something that would surely win, because there is no way he could let
either of them win.

He stopped and looked over at the journal. It wouldn't hurt to take a peek
would it?
He walked over to the desk slowly and picked it up.
Now's a good as time as any he thought.
And with that he opened the journal.
Silver took hold of the ribbon and pulled it, loosening it and taking it off.
He placed the ribbon to the side and opened the slits in the box to reveal masses
of bubble rap.
"Bit much don't you think?" silver said to himself.
He peeled away the many layers of plastic and it finally revealed the object.
He had revealed an Ipad under the mask of bubblerap. But how on earth did he
afford this!
Silver looked left and right and put the box containing the ipad under his bed
ran out of the dorm putting on his scarf on the way.
Shadow flicked throughthe pages until he reached the more recent ones. He stopped
at one page and began reading.

Thursday 12th october. (yesterday)
                     Today was a wow experiance for me. It was a bit frightening
to if i were to describe it. Fernando had kissed me, which felt really weird, and
with the sence of that it didn't feel right either.
"YES!" Shadow yelled at the top of his voice. He relised how loud he shouted and
sunk down and put the book up and continued reading.
Rodney had appeared on the scene and then a whole fight broke out between them.
I tried to stop them but they wouldn't listen to me. Figures. But then all of
A sudden shadow had come round the corner and he sure told them a thing or two,
I lit up instantly at his arrival,because when he punched Fernando and Rodney
I relised he did that for me, I didn't know wether i wanted to cry or leap out
and hug him. But for the time being i did neither.
I have never been so happy since that time Shadow did that for me...
Hi hi and helllooo new chapter! lol Im not sure how long i did this one i pretty much just wrote it stuck it it and fired it out ha ha.

Well hope ur glad the next chappy is out!
Enjoy! :iconimhappyplz:

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