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July 31, 2010
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It was early morning and Silver had gotten changed into his so last century uniform and rushed down the stairs, nearly falling down them. He skid into the kitchen and grabbed a slice of toast and ate it very quickly and washed it down with fresh cold milk and wiped his mouth.
He grabbed his bag and zoomed down the hall but got pulled back and nearly did a flip over. He looked over his shoulder and saw his Mother had grabbed onto him.
"Oh mom what is it? I'm running late as it is!" says Silver.
"You're not going out looking like you were dragged through a hedge backwards!" she said pulling him over to her.
She tightened his Tie and pulled it right up and fixed the sticking up bits of his hair. She Straightened his blazer and fixed his collar.
"Oh Silver do tuck in your shirt," says his mother.
"Fine," he said doing it while rolling his eyes.
"Pull up your trousers for goodness sake!"
"What's wrong with them?" he asked.
She walked over and hitched up his trousers more.
"Ah what the hell are you trying to give me a wedgie woman!?"
"I'm not "woman" I'm your mother."
"Same thing."
She gave him one last suffocating hug saying how much she'd miss him.
"Um mom, your cutting off my air supply here!" Silver yells.
"Oh ha ha sorry about that Love. I'm just going to miss you so much! I mean away for months and months!"
"That's a live in school for you mom, well bye," he said as he walked out the front door.
There was a cool blast of ice cold air that rushed past his face once he stepped out into open. It was time to get the first and only bus of the year due to the fact it was a live in school. Silver checked his watch and saw he had 2 minutes to get the bus and he was far from close to the bus stop.
"Aw dammit!" he said as he picked up the pace and ran the rest of the way.
Shadow reached the bus stop and stretches as he was still very tired from last night. He yawned and watched his cold white misty breath escape his mouth and float up into the atmosphere. He looked around at the people waiting for the bus, a few familiar faces from the previous school year as this was his second.
His pocket began to vibrate, when then he realised it was his cell phone. He reached into its warm contents and pulled it out and flipped it open. It was his father saying he wished him luck for the oncoming school year and he loves him very much. Shadow just shut the phone wishing he could believe that, but even so he managed a weak smile.
He turned around to the sound of a roaring engine which was the school bus. The door opens with a large squeak and screech sound and then everyone got on.
Shadow sat down in his usual seat in the middle of the bus. The seats were freezing and uncomfortable hard but he just put his back to the window and placed his feet on the other side of his seat.
Silver could see the bus stop in sight but the bad news was the bus had already arrived and the last person was getting on. There was no way he could catch up to the vehicle. He ran faster but it was hard not to slip because the ground was still a slushy mess as it was just the end of the winter break. Even so he still ran on at the speed he could reach in the slush.
The bus began to drive off just as Silver was getting closer.
"Wait!" Silver said putting out his hand and a Ravishing, crystallized blue light surrounded his hands and shot out towards the bus, it too surrounding the vehicle and bringing it to an imitate halt.
Everyone on the bus was flown forward in their seats a bit due to the massive pull back force.
All the girls were squealing saying it wrecked their hair. Shadow just rolled his eyes and peered out the window to see what happened.
Silver blinked in surprise not knowing what just happened. He took his hand away the energy disappeared. Just what was that he thought.
He walked over to the doors a little embarrassed, but just as long no one knew it was him he'd live through the bus journey at least. The doors opened with the same screeching which made Silvers ears twitch at how horrible it sounded. He got onto the bus and sat down in the middle was just opposite Shadows and set his books down next to him.
Everyone on the bus was basically starting their second year at the school but since silver was new everyone looked at him like he was from a different planet completely. When the bus started up again and drove on everyone lost interest and went back to their original conversation.
Silver just sighed and stared out the window and watched the scenery go by.
Half way on the journey they drove over a large speed ramp which the bus driver hit quite quickly. One of Silver's books slid off his seat and fell onto the floor and went down the gangway of the bus to the back. Some of rough older boys picked it up and were deciding whether to chuck it out the window or whether to read it. But Shadow knew they couldn't read for jack squat so rose from his seat and went down to them and placed out his hand for the book.
They looked up at him and being one of the most respected students at the school they handed it over without any argument. Shadow walked back to his seat and sat down with the book. He was going to give it back to the guy but he looked over to him and he was in such a deep daydream he wasn't aware of that he had his book or the fact they even drove over a speed ramp.
He really hated to invade people's privacy but he wasn't even concentrating so he what he don't know won't hurt him right?
He looked down at the book and it had a strap on it with a lock. It was patterned with large and small blue circles and it had a box on the top the read "Silver". Must be his name then he thought. He flicked the lock and it opened. It must've been just a strap rather than a lock. He decided to have a quick look at it, It could just be a homework book anyway.
So he opened it and looked upon the first page and to his surprise it wasn't a homework book at all but....a journal?
Shadow looked up at Silver. If anyone else on this bus had seen this they'd have just burst into a fit of laughter at the fact of a guy with a journal at school. But the fact Silver would bring something like this to school...Shadow admired that about him. But he felt bad for wanting to read something about someone he knew nothing about. But if he did read it he would then know a little....
So he looked down at the first page and began reading.
Tuesday, January 5th 1999.  7 years old.
               Today was like any other Tuesday. The weather was nice and bright outside. The Gardner was planting the new spring flowers and the cook was preparing a meal that smelt delicious. The breeze was still a little chilly, but it was coming into spring which was good.
I went into my dad's study to ask him if he would like to play with me, but when I walked in he was piled up with all sorts of paper work on his desk. Even so I asked him if he would like to play with me. At first he didn't hear me or rather chose not to so I asked again and he turned round with an annoyed look telling me he had work to do.
So I just left sorry I had asked. I went out into the conservatory where mom was. But she was on the phone yelling down to someone about a case. Yeah they were both lawyers but strangely worked for different people. That's how we had such a big house because they invested in a lot of money and have won quite a few cases.
I guess it was great being a privileged kid but most days I wished I wasn't.
But something happened on that day. I could hear my mom and dad rush past so I came out of my room and followed them out into the garden. They were carrying big cases and dad put them in the back of the car. He got in and started the engine, my mom got in the other side. The car began to drive off, I ran to the front gate and hung on to the bars as I watched my parents drive off until they were out of sight. They just......left me....
As the days went by The people who worked for us in our house, the gardeners, the maids, cooks all of them began to leave as they were not receiving their monthly pay checks from my parents. Soon I was all by myself. For a few days I kept thinking my parents would show up in the car at the front gate any minute, but....they never came back.
Instead I was sent a foster mom who soon adopted me. She's been really nice to me, and even though my parents just left me....I still missed them and....loved them.
Shadow looked up at Silver, horrified of what he just read. His parents just left him? Is it any wonder Silver didn't look alright when he got on the bus, he's had such a terrible past.
The bus was pulling up into the school so Shadow quickly shut the book and set back with silvers other books so he wouldn't notice.
The vehicle stopped and everyone got off the bus. Silver picked up his books and got off. Not even knowing Shadow had tampered with his Journal. Shadow got off moments after him and watched him walk off into the main building.
After reading that Shadow wanted to help Silver. He also wanted to read more of his journal. So he decided he would become friends with him. Either way he had to get that journal....
Man it was so annoying having to right it all out AGAIN! If my computer is fixed by tomorrow im gonna kill it but even so i doubt it ha ha.
Well anyway here's the first part to Shadilver journal jacker.
Enjoy :
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